Sebastian Gheorghiu: YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Personal Finance Guru

Added: Jan 17, 2024

In this podcast episode, Sebastian Gheorghiu, a young self-made multi-millionaire YouTuber with a thriving business, reveals the ins and outs of his financial schemes, relationships, controversies, and much more. He discusses his journey as a YouTuber and entrepreneur, sharing insights into his success and the challenges he has faced.

Key takeaways


Evolve your content strategy to stay ahead of the curve and create videos about topics of genuine interest.


Personal faith and relationships can have a significant impact on one's beliefs and decisions.


Dealing with controversy requires reflection, humility, and learning from the experience.


Diversify investments and be strategic in financial decisions.


Family planning and legacy can be driven by a desire to challenge stereotypes and provide a better life for children.

Evolving Content Strategy

Sebastian discusses the importance of evolving content on YouTube to stay ahead of the curve. He emphasizes the need to create videos about topics that he is genuinely interested in. For example, he mentions filming a 2-hour video about macroeconomic world orders, America's declining power, inflation, and how to protect oneself. He believes in diversifying heavily and investing in commodities like gold and silver as a hedge against inflation.

Personal Life and Faith

Sebastian shares personal details about his life, including his upbringing in a religious family. He talks about his decision to walk away from his Christian faith as a teenager and his eventual return to Christianity. He attributes his return to faith to a relationship with a Romanian girl who emphasized the importance of finding a husband who is a man of God. This experience led him back to his Christian beliefs.

Dealing with Controversy

Sebastian discusses the challenges he faced after engaging in controversial discussions and receiving backlash from the public. He talks about the impact of negative comments and hate messages on social media. He shares how he took a break from YouTube and social media for six months to focus on himself and reflect on his experiences. He also mentions the importance of being humbled by the negative feedback and learning from the experience.

Business Ventures and Partnerships

Sebastian talks about his business ventures, including dropshipping and e-commerce. He mentions working with a business partner who is actively dropshipping with TikTok and achieving significant success. He discusses the challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce industry, including changes in affiliate programs and the impact on revenue. He also shares plans for launching a dropshipping store builder software with his business partner.

Security and Recognition

Sebastian discusses the challenges of being recognized in public and the need for security measures. He shares his experiences of being recognized by fans and the importance of maintaining a balance between public interactions and personal space. He also mentions the use of security measures, including having a security team and using signals to manage interactions with fans in public settings.


Starting with the topic of investments, Sebastian discusses his interest in gold and cryptocurrency. He mentions that he has gold in Switzerland and believes it to be a trusted source. He also talks about his diversified investment portfolio, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and meme coins. He emphasizes the importance of being diversified in investments and mentions his plans to adopt a more strategic approach to his investment decisions.

Spending Habits

The conversation then shifts to personal finance and spending habits. Sebastian shares his views on being frugal and the importance of financial diversification. He talks about his spending on cars and his decision to sell his Lamborghini. He also discusses his approach to spending money and the balance between enjoying life and being financially responsible.

Family Plannning

The topic of family planning and legacy is also discussed. Sebastian expresses his desire to have a large family and his plans to adopt children from different races. He talks about the reasons behind his decision, including providing a better life for the adopted children and challenging racial stereotypes.

Happiness and Fulfillment

The conversation then delves into the topic of happiness and fulfillment. Sebastian shares his perspective on living a balanced life and finding joy in work and personal pursuits. He discusses the importance of enjoying the present moment while also planning for the future.

Physical Insecurities

The conversation also touches on physical insecurities and personal challenges. Sebastian opens up about his struggles with dandruff and psoriasis, highlighting the importance of self-acceptance and embracing one's imperfections. He also discusses his approach to fitness and body image, sharing his experiences with weight fluctuations and physical insecurities.

Faceless YouTube Channel

The podcast also covers Sebastian's approach to YouTube and content creation. He talks about his decision to transition to a faceless YouTube channel and his plans to create high-quality, educational content. He emphasizes the importance of providing valuable information and engaging with viewers in a meaningful way.

Advice for Young Adults

The conversation concludes with Sebastian's advice for young adults. He encourages them to reflect on their goals and aspirations, envision their future, and work backward to create a plan for achieving their desired lifestyle. He emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and strategic planning in pursuing personal and professional success.


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