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Added: Feb 15, 2024

In the podcast, Jessie Inchauspé, also known as the "glucose goddess," discusses her approach to healthy eating and managing blood sugar levels. She emphasizes the importance of understanding how food impacts our bodies and offers simple hacks to enjoy the foods we love while minimizing negative effects on our health.

Key takeaways


Start the day with a savory breakfast rich in protein to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent glucose spikes.


Consume a tablespoon of vinegar diluted in water before a high-carb meal to reduce glucose spikes by 30%.


Begin meals with a plate of vegetables high in fiber to create a protective shield in the upper intestine and promote gut health.


Engage in physical activity for 10 minutes after meals to help muscles absorb glucose, leading to better blood sugar control.


Avoid sweet snacks and opt for savory options incorporating protein, fiber, and healthy fats to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Importance of Understanding Food Impact on Mental Health

Jessie highlights the connection between food and mental health, noting that what we eat can affect our mood and overall well-being. She shares her personal journey of discovering the impact of food on mental health and how implementing scientific hacks helped her improve her mental health.

Challenges of Diet Culture and Restrictions

Jessie criticizes the diet culture that promotes restrictive eating patterns and focuses on weight loss. She believes that such approaches are not sustainable and often lead to feelings of deprivation and restriction. Instead, she advocates for a more intuitive and holistic approach to eating that focuses on understanding the physiological effects of food on the body.

Simple Hacks for Healthy Eating

Jessie introduces four simple hacks to help people eat right and keep their blood sugar levels stable. These hacks include:

1. Savory Breakfast: Instead of starting the day with a sweet breakfast, Jessie recommends a savory breakfast that includes protein. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels and prevents the rollercoaster of glucose spikes and crashes throughout the day.

2. Vinegar Before Carbs: Consuming a tablespoon of vinegar diluted in water before a meal high in carbs can reduce the glucose spike by 30%. The acetic acid in vinegar slows down the breakdown of carbs into glucose, leading to more stable blood sugar levels.

3. Veggie Starter: Starting a meal with a plate of vegetables rich in fiber creates a protective shield in the upper intestine, preventing rapid glucose absorption. This hack helps reduce the impact of carbs on blood sugar levels and promotes gut health.

4. Muscle Movement After Meals: Engaging in physical activity for 10 minutes after a meal helps muscles absorb glucose, leading to better blood sugar control. This simple movement can be as easy as walking, stretching, or doing household chores.

Benefits of Implementing the Hacks

By incorporating these hacks into their daily routine, individuals can enjoy their favorite foods while minimizing the negative effects on their health. The hacks help prevent glucose spikes, reduce inflammation, and improve insulin sensitivity. They also help break the cycle of sugar cravings and promote a more balanced approach to eating.

Freedom in Food Choices

Jessie emphasizes the importance of feeling free with food choices and avoiding restrictive diets that can lead to feelings of guilt and deprivation. By focusing on intuitive eating and understanding the physiological impact of food, individuals can develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

Impact on Mental Health and Well-being

By implementing these simple hacks, individuals can experience improvements in their mental health, energy levels, and overall well-being. Stable blood sugar levels can lead to better mood, focus, and energy throughout the day, reducing feelings of fatigue and brain fog.

Understanding Glucose Spikes and their Effects

Jessie explains that glucose spikes occur when we consume foods that quickly raise our blood sugar levels, such as sugary snacks or processed carbohydrates. These spikes can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, and other health problems. By avoiding these spikes, we can reduce cravings, improve energy levels, and support overall health.

The Importance of Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Jessie emphasizes the importance of balancing blood sugar levels to support optimal health. She recommends avoiding sweet snacks and opting for savory options instead. By incorporating protein, fiber, and healthy fats into our meals, we can stabilize our blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of glucose spikes.

The Impact of Stress on Blood Sugar Levels

Jessie discusses how stress can also contribute to glucose spikes. She shares a study where participants who experienced relationship stress had higher glucose levels, leading to mood swings and irritability. Managing stress through mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and healthy coping mechanisms can help prevent glucose spikes and support overall well-being.

The Role of Food in Mental Health

Jessie highlights the connection between food and mental health, explaining how certain foods can impact neurotransmitters and mood regulation. By choosing whole foods and avoiding processed sugars, we can support our brain health and emotional well-being. Jessie shares her journey of using diet changes to improve her mental health and reduce symptoms of depersonalization.

The Importance of Whole Foods and Fiber

Jessie emphasizes the benefits of whole foods and fiber in stabilizing blood sugar levels. She recommends choosing fruits with high fiber content, such as berries, over fruit juices that lack fiber. Fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream, preventing glucose spikes and promoting satiety.

The Impact of Chronic Fatigue on Blood Sugar Levels

Jessie explains how chronic fatigue can be a sign of imbalanced blood sugar levels and mitochondrial dysfunction. By reducing glucose spikes and supporting mitochondrial health through diet and lifestyle changes, we can improve energy levels and overall vitality.

Challenges with Body Image and Diet Culture

Jessie addresses the challenges of body image and diet culture, particularly for individuals with addictive personalities or those who struggle with self-acceptance. She encourages people to focus on feeling good in their bodies and prioritizing health over weight loss. She highlights the need to address underlying issues rather than relying on quick fixes or restrictive diets.

The Influence of Culture on Eating Habits

Jessie compares the messaging around food and body image in France and the United States. She notes that while both cultures face pressures related to body image, the French culture places a stronger emphasis on cooking fresh meals and eating together as a family. This cultural difference may contribute to healthier eating habits and a lower reliance on dieting trends.

The Role of Medication and Quick Fixes

Jessie expresses concern about the reliance on medication and quick fixes to address symptoms without addressing the root cause of health issues. She emphasizes the importance of listening to the body's messages and understanding the underlying reasons for symptoms rather than simply masking them with medication.

The Importance of Simplification and Accessibility

Jessie advocates for simplifying health information and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial resources. She emphasizes the need for free, easy-to-understand content that empowers individuals to make informed choices about their health and nutrition.

The Three Truths

When asked to leave behind three lessons, Jessie shares the following truths: "Symptoms are messages," "Have a savory breakfast," and "Focus on personal growth." These truths reflect her belief in listening to the body's signals, prioritizing balanced nutrition, and embracing personal development as a path to greatness.

Defining Greatness

Jessie defines greatness as being fully in one's power and pursuing one's unique passion and purpose. She encourages individuals to identify their strengths and interests and to live authentically in alignment with their soul's calling.


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