Noah Beck on LOVE, Heartbreak, and Self Worth

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Added: Jul 13, 2023

In this podcast episode titled "Noah Beck on LOVE, Heartbreak, and Self Worth," Noah Beck, a social media influencer with millions of followers, discusses his journey from being a D1 soccer player to becoming a successful content creator. He reflects on the impact of social media on his life, the challenges of cancel culture and criticism, and his insecurities and self-worth. Additionally, he talks about his experiences in a public relationship and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Noah Beck initially rose to fame through TikTok, gaining a million followers in just a month. As a D1 athlete, he faced restrictions on making money and sponsorship deals due to NCAA rules. However, when he started receiving incredible financial opportunities and sponsorship deals, he realized that soccer was no longer his main focus. This redirection in his life led him to pursue other opportunities that were financially rewarding. Noah acknowledges that life often puts us in different directions at different moments, and sometimes unexpected events can lead to new and exciting paths. One of the challenges that Noah discusses is the pressure of cancel culture and criticism, especially as a young person in the social media industry. He acknowledges the pros and cons of social media and how constant comparison is not a healthy way to view life. While he initially had a positive reception when he started gaining traction, criticism started pouring in as he became more popular. Noah shares that he tries to be authentic and not cater to others, but it can be difficult to not let criticism and comparison affect him. However, he surrounds himself with good people who keep him grounded, including his family and friends. Noah also opens up about his insecurities and feelings of being an imposter. Despite his success and fame, he sometimes questions if he deserves the opportunities he has been given. He often finds himself in rooms with world-class athletes and talented individuals, and this insecurity is one of his biggest challenges. However, he prefers feeling like he hasn't fully earned his success yet rather than feeling entitled. Noah acknowledges that success and fame can make it harder to maintain inner peace and self-love, but he has been working on his mental health and being the best version of himself to stay grounded. In terms of his love life, Noah shares his experiences of being in a public relationship on social media. He highlights the support and understanding he had with his ex-girlfriend, especially when dealing with hate and negativity online. However, he also mentions the challenges of dealing with everyone's opinions and comments about their relationship. The ending of the relationship was difficult for him, as he lost someone who understood him deeply. Looking back, he advises himself to protect his heart and take things slow, focusing on his own happiness and not changing himself for someone else. He emphasizes the importance of boundaries and not losing oneself in a relationship. Noah also discusses his current relationship with his girlfriend, Martha, and how they have approached it differently. They have engaged in individual therapy and couples therapy, which has been beneficial for their communication and establishing boundaries. Noah believes that when a man is fully committed to his vision and purpose, it is attractive to women. He advises his younger self to take things slow and prioritize personal growth. Towards the end of the podcast, Noah talks about his recent launch of his apparel brand, ifis, which is genderless and inclusive. He aims to create a brand and foster a community where people buy the product for what it is, rather than because of his influence. He leaves behind three truths: to do what makes you happy, not to hide your talents, and to protect your peace. To him, greatness is being the best version of yourself and having fun while doing it. In summary, this podcast episode delves into Noah Beck's experiences as a social media influencer, discussing the impact of social media, the challenges of cancel culture and criticism, his insecurities and self-worth, and his experiences in public relationships. Noah shares personal insights and advice, emphasizing the importance of self-love, personal growth, and staying true to oneself in the face of success and fame.


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