Dele: "Now is the Time to Talk"

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Added: Jul 14, 2023

In this podcast episode titled "Dele: 'Now is the Time to Talk'", former England footballer Dele Alli opens up about his struggles with mental health, addiction, and trauma. Alli discusses the point in his career where he began to feel that something wasn't right, describing a moment when he questioned whether he could retire at the age of 24. He talks about the internal battle he was facing, appearing happy on the outside but feeling like he was losing the fight on the inside.

Alli reveals that he recently sought help by going to a rehab facility for mental health, addiction, and trauma. He explains that he had been caught in a cycle of relying on harmful coping mechanisms such as drinking and sleeping tablets. Alli admits to becoming addicted to sleeping tablets and discusses the negative impact they had on his mental health. He acknowledges that the abuse of these substances was a way for him to numb his feelings and escape from reality. The footballer reflects on his childhood and the traumas he experienced, including being sent to live with his biological father in Africa. He describes his upbringing as lacking stability and having no rules, which led him to make poor decisions. Alli credits his adopted family for providing him with stability and support during his teenage years. He also discusses the strained relationship he has with his biological parents and the betrayal he felt when they went to the press with false accusations against his adopted family. Alli shares that his time in rehab helped him understand his past traumas and the impact they had on his behavior. He emphasizes the importance of seeking help and not being ashamed to be vulnerable. Alli expresses his desire to inspire others and let them know that they are not alone in their struggles. He hopes that by sharing his story, he can help others who may be going through similar experiences. The podcast also touches on Alli's relationship with his former managers, particularly Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho. Alli speaks highly of Pochettino, describing him as understanding and caring. He believes that Pochettino provided him with a platform to express himself and supported him on a personal level. In contrast, Alli admits to struggling with Mourinho's management style and feeling that the conversations they had were not genuine. Alli concludes the podcast by expressing his determination to prove himself and be a better player and person. He discusses his plans to return to the pitch, regain his passion for football, and show his potential. Alli acknowledges that he may not stay at Everton beyond his current contract but holds no hard feelings about it. He is focused on improving himself and inspiring others. Overall, this podcast provides a comprehensive and candid look into Dele Alli's personal struggles, his journey to seek help, and his determination to overcome his challenges. It highlights the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support and understanding in the world of professional sports.


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