Iman Gadzhi: From YouTube Success to Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur

Added: Jan 10, 2024

In this podcast episode, successful entrepreneur and social media influencer Iman Gadzhi, discusses his journey from starting a YouTube channel to building a successful online education business. He talks about his approach to social media, his views on education, and his plans for the future.

Key takeaways


Family and personal relationships have a significant impact on an individual's journey.


Traditional education should be critically evaluated in the context of personal goals and aspirations.


Practical skills and knowledge gained from the right company can be more valuable than a traditional college education.


Social media can have both positive and negative effects on lifestyle and career.


Continuous learning and adaptation are essential for long-term success in the digital landscape.

Background and Family

Gadzhi grew up in a single-parent household, raised by his mother. He has a close relationship with his mother and is the only child in his family. He has had some negative interactions with his extended family, including his biological father and half-brothers, but he remains focused on taking care of his mother and building his own future.


Gadzhi expresses his desire to start his own family and believes in the importance of a traditional family structure. He is open about his religious beliefs and emphasizes the significance of marriage and family in his life. He also discusses his approach to relationships and the importance of privacy in his personal life.

Success on YouTube

Gadzhi shares his experience of growing his YouTube channel and the strategies he implemented to achieve success. He discusses the importance of organic growth and the impact of thumbnails on viewership. He also highlights the role of his team in creating engaging content and driving subscriber growth.

Business Ventures

Gadzhi talks about his online education business,, and his vision for the platform. He aims to provide high-quality education in hard skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional college education. He emphasizes the need for practical, applicable knowledge and the limitations of traditional education in today's rapidly changing world.

Critique of Traditional Education

Gadzhi expresses his skepticism towards traditional education, particularly in the context of college. He believes that the rising costs of college education are not justified by the outcomes, and he encourages individuals to critically evaluate their educational choices. He advocates for a more practical and results-oriented approach to learning and skill development.

Advice to Young People

Gadzhi offers advice to young people, particularly those considering higher education. He encourages individuals to question the advice of their parents and to consider alternative paths to success. He emphasizes the importance of aligning educational choices with personal goals and aspirations, rather than following traditional norms or expectations.

Approach to Business

Gadzhi emphasizes the importance of choosing the right company to work for as an apprentice or intern. He believes that the skills and knowledge gained from the right company can be more valuable than a traditional college education. He also advises against relying on outdated advice and emphasizes the need to focus on developing practical skills for long-term success.

Gadzhi also discusses the potential risks and rewards of starting a business, highlighting the importance of managing expectations and being prepared for potential failures. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take a slow and steady approach to building their businesses, rather than seeking quick success.

Social Media and Lifestyle

Gadzhi acknowledges the influence of social media on his lifestyle and career. He discusses the challenges of maintaining authenticity while navigating the pressures of social media. He also shares his thoughts on the potential drawbacks of social media, including the impact on mental health and the need for occasional breaks from the platform.

Gadzhi also addresses the perception of his lifestyle on social media, acknowledging that his posts may create a certain image of luxury and success. However, he emphasizes that his lifestyle is not defined by material possessions and that he values experiences and authenticity over flashy displays of wealth.

Personal Style and Interactions

Gadzhi discusses his personal style and approach to fashion, describing it as simple and understated. He explains that he prefers classic and timeless pieces over flashy and branded items. He also shares his experiences with fan encounters and the need for security measures to manage interactions with fans, especially in public spaces.

Gadzhi also addresses the challenges of maintaining personal boundaries, particularly when it comes to interactions with fans and the public. He shares his strategies for managing these interactions, including using coded gestures and signals to communicate with his security team.

Future Plans

Gadzhi discusses his plans for the future, including his focus on building his online education business and expanding his impact. He emphasizes the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the rapidly changing digital landscape. He also reflects on his personal growth and the evolution of his views and priorities over time.


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