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Added: May 14, 2024

Brett Cooper is a YouTube phenomenon who started acting at a young age and eventually moved to Hollywood with her mother to pursue her acting career. She had a passion for performing and found solace in expressing herself through acting. Despite facing challenges and inappropriate behavior in the industry, her mother played a crucial role in protecting her and ensuring her well-being.

Early Passion for Performing

Cooper's love for performing began at a young age when she participated in community theater productions. She found joy in telling stories and being on stage, which allowed her to express herself in ways she couldn't in other aspects of her life. This passion led her to pursue acting opportunities in New York and eventually in Hollywood.

Move to Hollywood

At the age of 10, Cooper and her mother moved to Hollywood to further her acting career. Despite initial hesitations from her mother due to the negative aspects of the industry, Cooper's determination and love for performing convinced her to take the leap. She began auditioning for TV shows, short films, and training to enhance her skills as an actor.

Challenges in Hollywood

While working in Hollywood, Cooper encountered inappropriate behavior from adults in the industry. She shared a disturbing experience where a writer on a children's TV show engaged in grooming behavior with young actresses, including inappropriate conversations and actions. Her mother's vigilance and protective measures shielded her from falling victim to such exploitation.

Parental Guidance and Protection

Cooper's mother played a pivotal role in safeguarding her from the pitfalls of the entertainment industry. She set firm boundaries, ensured Cooper had a well-rounded identity beyond acting, and never connected her success to financial gain. By instilling values and prioritizing Cooper's well-being over career success, her mother created a safe environment for her to thrive in Hollywood.

Resilience and Sensibility

Cooper's mother's resilience and sensibility stemmed from her own challenging life experiences, including the loss of a child and a difficult marriage. Despite facing adversity, she remained daring and unconventional in protecting Cooper from the negative influences in Hollywood. Her ability to navigate the industry's pitfalls and prioritize Cooper's emotional and physical safety set the foundation for Cooper's success and well-being.

Emancipation and Early Career

At the age of 15, Cooper made the decision to emancipate herself due to the chaotic situation at home, including her parents' divorce and her brother's schizophrenia. She found success as an actress and model, but also faced challenges, such as having to navigate the casting couch culture in Hollywood. Her mother played a crucial role in preparing her for these challenges by enrolling her in self-defense classes against sexual assault from a young age.

Transition to Conservative Media

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cooper found herself isolated at UCLA due to her conservative political beliefs. She faced backlash from friends and peers for not wanting to vote for Biden in the primaries. This experience led her to explore conservative media and eventually led her to the Daily Wire. Her upbringing in a family with libertarian values influenced her political views and her approach to personal responsibility and freedom.

Education and Career Choices

Cooper pursued a degree in English literature at UCLA, where she found solace in her love for stories and understanding the human condition through literature. Despite facing challenges with some professors, she persevered and completed her degree.

She emphasizes the importance of routine and stability in her life, especially during times of chaos and uncertainty. She found comfort in her job at Trader Joe's, where she felt physically useful and appreciated by customers. Routine and predictability provided her with a sense of security and allowed her to navigate the ups and downs of her career in the entertainment industry.

Lessons from Community College

Both Cooper and the host share their positive experiences with community college, where they received a quality education and built personal relationships with professors. Cooper highlights the benefits of attending community college, including cost savings, small class sizes, and a focus on teaching and student engagement. She credits her time at community college for shaping her into a better person and providing her with a well-rounded education.

Transitioning from Short Form Content to YouTube Success

Cooper's background in creating short form content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram provided her with the necessary skills to transition to creating longer form content on YouTube. Her upbeat and positive attitude, combined with her sense of humor, set her apart from other political and cultural commentators who often adopt a more serious and angry tone.

Finding a Niche in the Conservative Commentary Space

Cooper identified a gap in the market for young female conservative commentators who were entertaining and engaging. She noticed that existing female conservative voices often fell into specific stereotypes, such as the Trump intern type or the outdoorsy hunter, which did not resonate with her own identity as a normal girl with conservative values. By filling this niche, she was able to connect with a younger audience who shared her values and appreciated her relatable perspective.

Building a Strong Connection with her Audience

One of the key factors contributing to Cooper's rapid success on YouTube was her genuine care and concern for her audience. She prioritizes creating content that resonates with her viewers and makes them feel understood and valued. By establishing a strong connection with her audience, she has cultivated a loyal following that continues to grow.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Opportunities

Despite initial hesitations and fears about taking on a new challenge, Cooper credits her mother's encouragement for pushing her to step outside her comfort zone and seize the opportunity presented by the Daily Wire. By overcoming her fear of failure and embracing the unknown, she was able to embark on a new chapter in her career that ultimately led to her success.

Working with The Daily Wire

Peterson also expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to work with The Daily Wire, emphasizing the importance of being able to create content that he is passionate about. He values the autonomy and support he receives from the team, allowing him to bring her creative ideas to fruition. He appreciates the trust and enthusiasm The Daily Wire shows for his projects, such as the Exodus seminar, the Gospel seminar, and the Western civilization project. He commends the team for their professionalism and efficiency in handling the production and editing of the projects.

Projects with The Daily Wire

Cooper discusses her involvement in various projects with The Daily Wire, including Mr. Berum, the Pendragon Cycle, and Snow White and the Evil Queen. She describes Mr. Berum as an animated comedy inspired by a character from Adam Corolla's radio show. She plays a significant role in the series and praises the writing and production quality of the show. She also talks about her experience working on the Pendragon Cycle, a project that Jeremy Boreing has been passionate about for years. Cooper plays Merlin's wife in the series and highlights the physical and creative challenges she faced during filming.

Snow White and the Evil Queen

Cooper shares the story of how she was chosen to play Snow White in The Daily Wire's adaptation of the classic fairy tale. She discusses the decision to create their version of Snow White in response to the controversy surrounding Disney's portrayal of the character. She recounts the process of filming a teaser for Snow White in Italy while working on the Pendragon Cycle. She emphasizes the importance of honoring the traditional values and stories behind fairy tales and expresses her excitement for the upcoming project.

Personal Growth and Mentorship

Cooper reflects on her personal growth and learning experiences while working with The Daily Wire. She acknowledges the mentorship and support she has received from Boreing and the team, describing them as valuable mentors in her career and personal life. She appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share her values and vision for creating meaningful content. She credits The Daily Wire for providing her with a platform to tell stories that resonate with audiences and make a positive impact on culture.


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