Bear Grylls On Firing At KSI, Drinking His Own Urine, Man vs. Wild Best Moments - IMPAULSIVE EP. 386

Bear Grylls On Firing At KSI, Drinking His Own Urine, Man vs. Wild Best Moments - IMPAULSIVE EP. 386 thumbnail

Added: Jul 12, 2023

In this episode of the Impaulsive podcast, the hosts are joined by Bear Grylls, the renowned survival expert and TV personality. They discuss various aspects of survival, adventure, and resilience. Grylls shares insights into his experiences and offers advice on dealing with stressors in life.

Grylls begins by explaining his approach to survival and self-rescue. He emphasizes the importance of taking risks and facing challenges, rather than waiting for rescue. He talks about the quintessential survival items and the need for backup plans in extreme situations. The conversation then turns to Grylls' famous act of drinking his own urine. He clarifies that it is not something he does for fun, but rather as a survival technique in extreme circumstances. The hosts express their admiration for Grylls and his ability to excel in various fields. Grylls humbly accepts the praise and shares his belief in the importance of following one's dreams and facing battles in life. He discusses the challenges he has faced and the lessons he has learned from them. Grylls also highlights the healing and inspiring power of nature, and the significance of connections and love in life. The conversation then delves into the early days of filming Grylls' popular TV show, Man vs. Wild. Grylls reveals that there were initially no rules or regulations, but as the show gained popularity, safety measures had to be upgraded. He emphasizes the importance of having a trusted crew and the need for caution in dangerous situations. Grylls talks about the value of adventure and risk-taking, despite the potential for tragedies. He criticizes the lack of empathy shown towards victims of accidents and emphasizes the importance of compassion for all individuals, regardless of their financial status. The hosts inquire about Grylls' interest in exploring the underwater world. Grylls admits that he is more drawn to environments where he can have some control over his survival. He shares stories of his experiences on the Arctic Ocean and highlights the humbling nature of such journeys. Grylls expresses caution regarding objective dangers that can be fatal regardless of one's skills or determination. The conversation then shifts to stressors in life and how Grylls deals with them. He advises taking a step back, gaining perspective, and realizing that not everything is about oneself. Grylls emphasizes the importance of gratitude, breathing, and having a plan when facing stressors. He encourages a never-give-up attitude and reminds the hosts that success is a long-term game. The hosts express their appreciation for Grylls' advice and honesty. They discuss the importance of friendship and connection, and how they support each other during tough times. Grylls commends the hosts for their honesty and assures them of his support. In the closing remarks, Grylls mentions his upcoming projects, including a new season of his show Running Wild and a new show on TBS. He also reveals his plans to spend time with his family on their off-grid island off the Welsh coast. Overall, the podcast episode provides insights into Bear Grylls' approach to survival, his experiences in the wild, and his advice for dealing with stressors in life. Grylls' humility and gratitude shine through, making him an inspiring and relatable guest.


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