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In this podcast episode, MrBeast discusses his upcoming competition series on Amazon's Prime Video, called Beast Games. He reveals that the show will have the most contestants, the largest cash prize, and the biggest sets in history. The show will be over 6 hours long and will feature physical and mental challenges. MrBeast mentions that the show will be a hybrid of traditional game shows and his YouTube content, with a focus on character development and storytelling.

Negotiations with Amazon

MrBeast talks about the negotiations with Amazon for the show, highlighting that Amazon offered him complete creative control, which other platforms did not. He expresses his excitement about the show and his goal to make it the most viewed streaming show in history. He also mentions that the show will have a massive budget, allowing for unprecedented creativity and production value.

The importance of creative control and ownership

MrBeast emphasizes the significance of creative control and ownership of the intellectual property in the negotiation process. He believes that having control over the content allows him to create the best possible show for his audience. He also values ownership of the IP, as it gives him the freedom to make decisions about the future of the show.

The role of money in negotiations

While money is important for funding the show, MrBeast prioritizes creative control and ownership over financial compensation. He believes that having control and ownership are essential for creating a successful show. He mentions that he reinvests the money he earns from his YouTube channel into creating content, rather than focusing solely on financial gain.

Comparison to Squid Game

When asked about his thoughts on the popular show Squid Game, MrBeast mentions that he watched some episodes but did not finish the series. He appreciates the character development in the show but notes that he had some concerns about the pacing. He emphasizes that his show, Beast Games, will be a different animal altogether, with unique challenges and storytelling elements that set it apart from other unscripted shows.

Success Metrics

MrBeast discusses his goals for the show and what success looks like to him. He mentions that his ultimate goal is for people to enjoy the show and find it phenomenal. He acknowledges that there is pressure on him to deliver a successful show, as the outcome could impact how creators are perceived in the industry. He emphasizes that his reputation as a storyteller is on the line, and he is determined to make the show a hit.

Integration with YouTube

MrBeast reassures that the show will not interfere with his YouTube channel, which remains his top priority. He plans to upload more main channel videos this year while working on Beast Games. He also mentions that he will release a prelude to the show on YouTube to give viewers a taste of what to expect before they watch the full series on Prime Video.

Evolution of Content

Reflecting on the evolution of his content, he mentions that he used to create fast-paced videos with a lot of yelling. However, he realized the importance of slowing down the content and adding depth to engage viewers better. He emphasizes the significance of storytelling and how it has improved the quality of his videos. MrBeast also acknowledges that his videos have become more elaborate and expensive over the years. He mentions that the average cost of a main channel video is around $2.1 million for production alone, with additional costs for his team and other expenses. He compares this to the early days when a $500,000 video was considered high budget.

He also discusses the impact of brand deals on his channel, noting that as his viewership grows, marketers' budgets struggle to keep up with the demand for advertising space.

Video Formats and Trends

MrBeast talks about his popular video formats, such as "$1 vs. $500,000" and "Ages 1 to 100," which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. He explains that while these formats were successful, he decided to move away from them to explore new concepts and keep his content fresh. He mentions the importance of adapting and innovating to stay ahead of trends and maintain viewer interest.

Thumbnail and Packaging

MrBeast emphasizes the significance of thumbnails and packaging in attracting viewers to his videos. He discusses the process of creating sketches for thumbnails and the importance of testing different designs to see what resonates with the audience. MrBeast acknowledges the impact of packaging on viewer engagement and the need to constantly improve and refine thumbnail designs to maximize click-through rates.

Collaborations and Dubbing

MrBeast highlights the success of collaborations with other creators, such as featuring guest dubs on his videos. He mentions creators like MattPat, whose voiceover has resonated with viewers and contributed to the success of his content. He also discusses the importance of dubbing his videos in multiple languages to reach a global audience and enhance viewer experience.

Estimated Earnings

MrBeast delves into the topic of revenue and the CNBC report that estimated his earnings to be between $600 and $700 million. However, he emphasizes that he reinvests most of his earnings back into his projects and does not focus on personal wealth. He discusses the pressure and responsibility that comes with managing a large team and catering to the expectations of millions of viewers. Despite the negative feedback he receives at times, particularly regarding his philanthropic efforts, he remains steadfast in his belief that his actions have a positive impact and are worth pursuing.

Philantropic Endeavors

The conversation shifts towards MrBeast's philanthropic endeavors, such as Team Trees, where he aims to make a difference through large-scale initiatives. He hints at a potential new philanthropic project in the works, although details are still being finalized. He addresses the criticism he faces for incorporating altruism into his content, stating that he is unwavering in his commitment to making a positive impact, regardless of detractors.

Balancing Multiple Projects

As the discussion progresses, MrBeast reveals the challenges he faces in balancing multiple projects simultaneously. He acknowledges the intense workload he undertakes, juggling various ventures such as his YouTube channel, streaming show, fitness goals, and the development of Feastables. Despite the demanding nature of his schedule, he expresses a sense of fulfillment in pursuing his passions and pushing himself to his limits.


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